To bring the world to Houston, and to bring Houstonians to the world.

Houston International Initiatives’ (HII) core objectives are to support Houston’s international community engagement through cultural and educational programs and to increase Houston’s global presence in the world. HII coordinates with local organizations and corporations to enhance the City of Houston’s national and international recognition as a gateway for international trade, a leading destination for investment and medical treatment, and as a world-class event destination.

One of the primary programs supported by HII is the annual Houston Consular Ball, which brings together Houston’s diplomatic, business and political leadership to honor and celebrate Houston’s role on the global stage. The Consular Ball promotes Houston to a worldwide audience and serves to help increase ties among the Houston’s international communities.

HII also supports the Sister Cities of Houston initiative, especially during the Sister Cities International Annual Conference hosted in Houston in 2019. The conference welcomed up to 1000 visitors from the U.S. and across the world to Houston for a week of educational and cultural exchanges.

Other events include Houston Africa Day, an evening networking reception which serves to bring together Houston’s African community, African business leaders, international partners and city elected officials to raise awareness of Africa’s global importance, the many contributions Houstonians of African descent have made to Houston and to celebrate Africans living in Houston.

HII also encourages global events to come to Houston to share Houston’s arts, culture, and economic exchanges.